Let's Talk About Facebook Ads


When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook dominates the market. Now that he owns both Instagram and WhatsApp, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is guaranteed the big bucks from B2B and B2C businesses alike. But is his product worth it? Do Facebook ads even work? 

The short answer is pretty much. There are a lot of factors that go into a successful Facebook ad. In 2017, it’s not enough to boost that picture of your grandma for $10 and expect results. 


The first step in creating a great ad is great content. Professional photography, interactive videos, and unique graphics are going to set you apart from your competitors and impress your ideal clientele. Take this high-quality image of a BBQ chicken sandwich for example. Dang, that looks delicious. I think I'll head down to 45th street for dinner tonight! 


The next step is to understand your options. When shopping for an ad, you may find yourself overwhelmed at all the different format choices. Let’s break it down: 

Facebook Boosted Post: Boosted posts and ad campaigns are not the same thing. A boosted post is the simplest form of Facebook advertising. By boosting a post you've already created, you’ll reach more of the people who like your page and their friends. This is key for increasing engagement; if your goal is to interact with your customers on a regular basis, boosted posts are the way to go.

This video from Fish Tales is a great example. To the untrained eye, this looks like any other post. If you look closer, you'll see almost 9,000 views - way more than some of their other videos. After boosting the video, Fish Tales was able to double, even triple, their audience engagement. 

Facebook/Instagram Basic: Seamlessly integrated into the news feed, these advertisements simply showcase your page, or one photo, video, or event. Complete with an interactive button of your choice (like our page, contact us, etc.) these posts are great for increasing engagement and brand awareness to those who may have never heard of your organization.

Here's an example of an ad I saw this afternoon. It's for a graphic design company, which makes sense because my profile says I work for an advertising agency. They probably targeted people just like me! We can tell this is an ad and not just a boosted post by the words "suggested post" at the top. Without this ad, it's quite possible I would have never known about Fiverr.


Facebook/Instagram Carousel: These are just like the basic advertisements, but they feature more than one photo/video. It’s the perfect platform for showcasing your boutique’s new arrivals or your cafe’s weekly specials. Each photo or video can link to a different page on your website.

This post below popped up in my news feed earlier today. This is a screenshot, but in real-time you'd be able to press the right arrow to see more engagement rings. Each photo links to the particular ring on Brilliant Earth's website so you can buy it! 


Hmm... Seems like Facebook is trying to tell me something... ;) However, it's very possible that Brilliant Earth set their target audience for women ages 18-30 that have a significant other! We'll talk about that in a minute.  

Facebook Canvas: Canvas ads open to reveal a beautiful, full-screen image for mobile users. These advertisements will fully emerge your customers in an experience, whether you use a template or create your canvas from scratch. This method is ideal for showing off your company culture or promoting a new item.

Here's a very cool canvas by American Express. How interactive! How thrilling! These ads are definitely not the easiest, but they are by far the most attractive. 

Facebook Lead Ads: Equipped with a call to action button, these ads open a form within Facebook. From a lead ad, your followers can sign up for your newsletter, get a quote, or sign up for your monthly goodie bag. Your customers' information is already stored in their Facebook accounts, so signing up is a million times easier.

This gif from theSkimm shows you exactly how it works. 


Instagram Stories: The newcomer in the bunch, Instagram Stories ads debuted earlier this year. These are fullscreen, immersive advertisements that are integrated into Instagram Stories. The ads are targeted to optimize your reach, and are excellent whether you’re promoting a new product or running a full-blown campaign. 

Here's a screenshot of a trailer for Dunkirk that popped up in my stories this morning. I was literally JUST talking about how badly I wanted to see this movie. Sometimes I swear my phone is listening to me... Or just tracking my Google searches! As you can see, these ads take up your entire screen and can include call to action buttons. 


Coming soon: Facebook just unveiled ads for their Messenger app. It’s not totally available yet, but when we have some more info, you can expect to hear from us…

The last, and possibly most important step to creating a successful ad is targeting your message. With 1.18 billion daily active users on Facebook and 600 million on Instagram, it’s crucial your ad is getting to the right people. You can hand-select the demographics, interests, location, and behaviors of your audience from the ads manager. You can be as broad as men in Ocean City, Maryland, or as specific as 35 to 45-year-old women in Berlin that enjoy mimosas.

Who is your customer? What other brands do they love? Where do they live? These are the questions you should ask yourself before sending out your next advertisement. Reaching your target audience is best way to reach your conversion goals. 

Seem like a lot of work? We do all of the things. Let us know how we can help.

Harrison Albert