Meet Your Agency

Lt Grey Creative is a full-service advertising agency based in Ocean City, Maryland. Founded in 2016 by two SCAD alumni, we’ve grown into a small team of four with a passion for all things creative. From brand development to content creation, we’re your one-stop shop when it comes to marketing your business. We take the time to get to know the ins and outs of your brand, polish it up with some sleek designs, and talk to your clientele with a #relatable voice.


Harrison Albert - The Muscle (Creative Director)

Harrison has had a camera in his hands since birth. A DC native with a southern twang, he’d be happy spending the rest of his days on the water. When he’s not behind the lens, he’s growing his beard, admiring old cars, and exploring the east coast. His drink of choice is a dark local craft beer.


Yolanda Morris - The Getaway Driver (Graphic Designer)

Yolanda was born in Australia but has an affliction for all things America. Her experience and skills are extensive and her love for her cat Alfred even more so. She loves sketching and coming up with the next modern design idea. Her drink of choice is Gin & Tonic.


Taylor Harman - The Brains (Media Manager)

Taylor was born and raised with the ocean on her mind. The proud mom of two rescue dogs and several succulents, she also runs a profitable lifestyle & fashion blog. Her expertise is in content creation, fashion marketing, and helping small businesses thrive.Her drink of choice is a Moscow Mule.