The project:

Showcasing artists is our true passion, so when Berlin native and craftsman Jordan Pippin came to us with his ideas for a social media revamp, we were all over it. Steel N Glory creates custom art for homes and businesses using wood and metal art techniques. Jordan is an award-winner and all-around great dude, and it was Lt Grey's job to show that off and tell his story. 

After countless brainstorming sessions, we decided the most effective way to tell Jordan's story was through images and a documentary-style video. Our team followed the artist around for two days, recording his creative process from start to finish. What resulted was a stunning illustration of a hometown family man with a passion for metal.

Walking through the studio, any photographer would be inspired. As sparks fly off steel and iron, Jordan pays close attention to each detail. We captured it all by being right there in his workspace, organically capturing each moment as it happened. 

The film and photo collection drastically boosted Steel N Glory's social media following, successfully building a fanbase that remains fully engaged today.

Artists helping artists? Now that's something we can get behind.


Selected results from the first year of partnership with Lt Grey Creative.