Bahia Marina has been a notable hub for sport fishing on the eastern shore since 1968. Hosting several national tournaments from their humble Ocean City docks, the marina attracts watermen from all over the country. We told their stories. 

Since 1983, Fish Tales Bar and Grill has grown from a "locals only" hangout to a nationally-known paradise. Our high-definition photos and videos of their bayside bar have reached over 20,000 people each week and helped them gain traction in Ocean City and beyond.

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Website Design - Bergey & Company C.P.A

A family-owned food wholesaler in their third generation, Belair Produce is a seasoned veteran in the produce industry. We propelled their message to the top of the food chain, reaching some of the best chefs in the area while sticking true to their roots. 

Taylor Harman founded Magnolia Rifle in 2017. We built her online boutique from scratch, using it as an opportunity to flex all our creative muscles. From brand development to product photography, this boutique is our side project and brain child. 

Brand Development - Dewey Beer Co


Print Collateral - Sunset Marina

Bluewater is a real estate development company specializing in resort, campground, hotel, and residential properties. Using a consistent, relatable voice and photographing authentic human experiences, we've helped set their destinations apart from the rest. 

Trying to grab a beer in Ocean City? Taphouse is an absolute must-see. With over 35+ craft beers on tap and menu items to compliment each one. We write #relatable copy for social media, create sleek menu graphics, and take photos and videos that'll have you drooling!  

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Content Creation - Mrs. Meyers Clean Dry