The Challenge:

When Lt Grey's founder, Taylor Harman, opened her own boutique, it was her (and our) dream come true. The team created Magnolia Rifle from the ground up, flexing all our creative muscles to give birth to the love child of fashion and content creation. 

The first step was to create a logo that matched the boutique's ideal clientele. The team brainstormed key words - bohemian, classic, adventurous - to visualize Taylor's dream shopper. Keeping that person in mind, our graphic design team came up with a elegant logo accented with a magnolia leaf. Business cards, promo prints, t-shirt designs, and earring cards followed in a similar fashion, sticking to a minimalistic black and white design with a touch of green. 


Next up: getting all the products online! We photographed every piece of clothing on-model and on the eastern shore, sticking to Magnolia Rifle's roots. And after many rounds of revisions, we coded and created an easy-to-use e-commerce website with large, shop-able lifestyle images and launched a very successful online store. 

As an online-only boutique, social media is absolutely critical to Magnolia Rifle's success. We teamed up with lifestyle bloggers and local influencers to create awareness for the brand, launched several Instagram and Facebook campaigns and giveaways, and traveled near and far for pop-up shows. We also design regular email newsletters with all the latest buzz in an easy-to-read format that you can't NOT open.


Selected results from the first year of partnership with Lt Grey Creative.