The project:

When Dewey Beer Co. came to us for help with their latest can designs, our graphic designer practically flew out of his chair with excitement. Craft beer and original artwork have increasingly gone hand in hand, and the team welcomed this opportunity to go all in. 

First up: the 32 oz Crowler. A fresh twist on the classic growler, these cans needed to be attractive and ultra-versatile. After several rounds of revisions, DBC and Lt Grey decided together on an all-white design featuring the state of Delaware in natural wood. The white is unique color for a beer can, and has helped the brewery stand out in the crowded local scene. Incorporating their Delaware roots was a must, and doing so with a wood pattern that was pulled straight from the walls of the brewery itself, mirrors the "homegrown" atmosphere that Dewey Beer Co. embodies. 

Following the success of the Crowler design, the client was soon asking for more. They'd just added a canning line to their production floor, and needed some rad can designs for the great unveiling. Mark and the team designed what seemed like dozens of beer cans before these babies came along (it's all about the process!). Dewey Beer Co. wanted an illustration-based can with minimal text and Lt Grey delivered two sleek designs that will be used for can releases to come. 

We're feeling good about these creations (and this beer), but this project is just getting started. Stay tuned for more to come...