The Challenge:

When families are planning their summer vacation, they've got a lot of choices. Blue Water Development manages more than ten properties in four different states, all catering to a slightly different audience. Lt Grey helped maintained consistency across the board, proving that whether you're going camping in Chincoteague or golfing in Ocean City, it'll be an amazing getaway because it's a Blue Water getaway.  

Our primary focus was to give each property a fresh, hip social media persona. Content creation is our expertise, which means we don't simply repost stock photos and videos that already exist. All summer long we were out in the field, capturing hot summer days and family time by the fire, posting those images in real-time on a busy social media landscape.

Using our signature #relatable voice and photographing the real people who visit and work on site, we revealed the authentic stories within each campground, hotel, and resort. What resulted was a collection of photos that would make any adult follower nostalgic for being a kid on vacation, and any younger follower itching for a weekend on the shore.

When creating Facebook ads for each property, consistency was key. We stayed true to the individual personalities whilst establishing a solid voice and design style that remained constant across the board. Adding minimal yet attractive text to our own photos, we promoted campaigns, deals, and events. Putting more emphasis on the "show" rather than the "tell", we let our images speak for themselves, resulting in a 5.3% increase in bookings. 


Selected results from the first year of partnership with Lt Grey Creative.