The Challenge:

The folks at Belair Produce are no strangers to the cut-throat nature of the food wholesaling industry. The market is almost at full saturation, and standing out above the rest can be a challenge. Noticing the old-fashioned, cut and dry nature of their competitors, Lt Grey gave Belair a younger, relevant voice to better reach their ideal clientele. 

When Belair first came to us, their social media presence was virtually nonexistent. We helped build their online persona from the ground up, establishing accounts and regularly posting existing photos of products and clients. After a few weeks of this, we decided the best way to show Belair's expertise was to go out into the field ourselves. We visited clients all over Maryland and chatted with chefs and farmers, photographed their culinary masterpieces, and showed audiences first-hand what makes Belair the best in the biz. 

After taking time to enhance Belair's image on the web, the next step was to refresh the print advertisements they'd been running for years. Keeping key words and phrases in mind, the team designed clean, minimal graphics that would get Belair's message to the right people. These prints translated into Facebook and Instagram ads, which allowed us to target specific audiences and reach the top chefs in the area, helping increase inquiries by 15%. And that number is only going up. 

For one of our more recent projects, the team helped Belair gear up for The Rammys, an annual award ceremony for the top food professionals in DC. After extensive research and some friendly debate, we designed a crisp information card and unique promo products that people are still talking about today! 


Selected results from the first year of partnership with Lt Grey Creative.