The Challenge:

Ever since 1968, Bahia Marina's annual fishing tournaments have attracted large crowds from all over the eastern seaboard. With such a substantial following, it was crucial to have a social fanbase to match. Paying special attention to the stories beyond the docks, we amped up the photo and video content on their Facebook page. The team boosted certain posts and relied on organic reach for others, resulting in a 33% engagement increase. 

When the sun is up and the scales are open, emotions run high. Suspense, comraderie, excitement - it's all on full display, and it was our responsibility to capture it all. Using two DSLR cameras, a drone, and a stabilizer, we made two beautiful videos in one summer. 

A seasoned photographer of the American South, art director Harrison Albert had a field day with the marina's events. Using his keen eye for storytelling and a distinct journalistic approach, Harrison created a summer 2017 photo collection that'll be appreciated by generations to come. 

The last step for this project was to create engaging, easy-to-read graphics for social media. These type-centric designs did everything from outline regulations to announce winners. Using consistent colors and fonts, we gave the marina a fresh, modern look. It's official; this 50-year-old marina has entered the 21st century.


Selected results from the first year of partnership with Lt Grey Creative.